Purchase Note

For a limited time during the COVID-19 outbreak Wealth-Lab Developer 6 Licenses will be $399, which includes the first year maintenance fee!

Your credit card bank/issuer will perform any necessary currency conversion at prevailing rates. An additional foreign transaction fee may be applied by your bank. Current pricing is reflected below.


Price and License Information

Legacy Wealth-Lab Developer (WLD) Customers

  • Legacy WLD customers from the US cannot purchase WLD Version 6. Contact Fidelity Investments to acquire Wealth-Lab Pro Version 6 with a qualifying brokerage account.
  • Legacy WLD customers from Canada can purchase WLD Version 6 (but not previous versions).
  • Wealth-Lab Developer Version 4 is no longer for sale and support is discontinued.

Wealth-Lab Pricing

  • Prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD).
  • Purchases are final, no refunds*. Please use the 30-day free trial diligently (and ask questions in the forums) to determine if Wealth-Lab products meet your requirements prior to purchasing a license.
  • The new pricing model applies to WLD Version 6 or new purchases.
  • New customers who purchase Wealth-Lab Developer at the regular price are charged $799. This includes a free license for Version 6 with the maintenance fee of $150 waived for the first year.

Maintenance Fee

  • MS123 charges a yearly maintenance fee for all WLD of $150 (exceptions above). This fee is charged every 12 months after purchase.
  • The maintenance fee applies to each license/installation of WLD Version 5 and above.
  • Note: The software will discontinue to function if the maintenance fee is not paid.
  • For Wealth-Lab Developer 5 customers, who also received a WLD Version 4 unlock code, new keys of WLD4 are provided only if the maintenance fee has been paid.
  • After a period of inactivity when Wealth-Lab stopped working, you only need to pay the maintenance fee (not the full price again).

Multiple Licenses

  • New Wealth-Lab customers can purchase up to two (2) additional Version 6 licenses for a $299 fee per license to install on separate PCs for their personal use. The yearly maintenance fee applies to each license.
  • For bulk orders (5 or more licenses) please contact MS123 by creating a Support Ticket.
Launch Fidelity Download Process

*In accordance with EU law, EU customers have 14 days from the order date to withdraw when purchasing goods. A refund will NOT be allowed:
1. after 14 days since the purchase (unconditional).
2. when the customer used the product before deciding to withdraw. Proof of usage may be determined by starting the 30-day evaluation period, and/or activating the product with an activation key.

U.S.A residents must have a qualified brokerage account with Fidelity Investments to obtain Wealth-Lab Pro software. Click the button to start the Fidelity Wealth-Lab Pro download process.

If you are only in the U.S.A temporarily (or in Canada), you may be able to obtain a download link by starting a Support Ticket in our Ticket Center and explaining your situation.

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