trade two stocks
Author: new_trader
Creation Date: 5/20/2016 11:50 PM
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I want to trigger a trade of two specific symbols if certain condition happen.

I'm new to this. please help point me to sample code/hints on how to do this.

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Why are you trying to create an impression that you're "new to this"? Earlier today you successfully logged in as "hlbahy" which is your original account since 2014. Note however that when signing up you've accepted our website's Terms of Use which implies, in particular, that You are not allowed more than one active Wealth-Lab account.

As this new account is now locked, please log in with your original account. Also, you've posted a Wealth-Lab question in an incorrect forum category (WealthSignals). For now I've moved it but please choose the proper area next time. tia.
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