color change when slope changes and divergence
Author: swissco
Creation Date: 11/22/2010 9:52 AM
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I need some help to accomplish the following 2 tasks for a custome indicator - please!

1. change color of indicator when slope changes
2. detect mini-divergence in %D indicator - i.e. peak followed by smaller peak in overbought/oversold region
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1 - Check out the SetSeriesBarColor example in the QuickRef (hit F11 while in WLP.)

2 - There's plenty of example code that detects divergences, one way or another, for all tastes:

TASC 2010-10 | Smooted RSI Inverse Fisher (Vervoot)
TASC 2008-10 | Asymmetric RSI, ARSI (Vervoort)
TASC 2008-07 | Leader Of The MACD (Siligardos)

Divergence, the built-in indicator

Divergence Between Two DataSeries (Detect, Plot) - requires installed Community Components library
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