Zero trades/alerts for some strategies in SM when "Run Dailies"
Author: sdbens20
Creation Date: 1/26/2017 8:30 PM
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I am tracking 122 strategies in the Strategy Monitor of WLP, V Many of those strategies are not updating correctly when I "Run Dailies." Some show 0/0 for Trades and Alerts while others show incorrect non-zero values. Would you let me know how to correct this problem? Thank you
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We're too far from letting you know how to correct the problem because the information provided is nil insufficient. At first let's collect some bits and pieces to understand it.

1. Firstly, 122 strategies is too many pushing the limits. I've seen corrupt St.Mon. configuration file (which also keeps all actual alerts) with much less strategies. Next, the SM may be unable to catch up with too many data being updated. This can be a factor.

2. If you do not do "Run Dailies", are those strategies updating correctly?

3. Let's focus on the failing strategies. Are they always the same or vary from time to time? Is there a pattern? What do they have in commond (code, data provider, symbols, bar scale, pos.sizing/data loading settings)?

4. Have you set your "some" strategies up correctly w.r.t. position size (which must be a Raw Profit one rather than a Portfolio Simulation)?

5. Is the SM logging feature already enabled and are some logs from the failing strategies available?

That's a start but more questions may arise.
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