XX Sequential indicator code
Author: BarisKaya
Creation Date: 4/14/2016 11:58 AM
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I need some help regarding an indicator that has been removed from this platform some years ago ...Can someone can help me coding it if possible if it exists of course ?

It could be either as an indicator or a strategy that just buys and sells once XX Setup and XX Countdown completes,

Thank you

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From what I understand, CumUp and CumDown indicators are the basis for counting consecutive bars each of which closes above/under the close of the bar N bars prior to it.

I'm not familiar with the removed technique but if it involves any delay between the two XX events, i.e. "XX Setup" and "XX Countdown" do not necessarily have to fall on the same bar, you should also employ this design pattern: Tutorial: Setups, Triggers, Delays, and Timeouts. The idea is: you check for "XX Setup" and if it happened, save the bar and state into integer/bool variables, then you check for "XX Countdown" which may occur a number of bars later (as per timeout).
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