Would My New Laptop Specs Agree with the Next WLP Version?
Author: joannakim
Creation Date: 5/5/2011 12:16 PM
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Hi. I am thinking of buying a new laptop. This would be in addition to the PC which I normally use and which is more powerful, but a laptop will be good for traveling.

The new laptop that I am considering has Intel Core i5 as the CPU with 460M(2.53 GHz) speed ( dual core, 3MB Cache and 64-bit processing and Hyper-Threading.) The RAM is 4 gigs, but I am going to upgrade it to 8 gigs immediately after the purchase. The Hard Drive has 640GB of space ( I guess this is relatively small because it is a laptop; my PC has 2 tera bites.) The screen resolution is: 1366 x 768, and has 1 VGA Video port and 3 USB ports

I recall hearing that the next release of WLP is going to focus on multi-strategy back testing. Please correct me if I wrong on this. I don't know what else will be in there.

I do a lot of Monte Carlo and Optimization, currently on single strategy back testing, but if the multi-strategy back testing becomes available, I guess I will likely run MC and Optimization on those too.

So given the kind of activity that I do on WLP, is the above-mentioned lap top adequate or do I need to get something more powerful? Thanks a lot.
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With Win 7 and 8G of memory, you should be pretty happy with that machine.
Multi-strategy should be on its way, correct.
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