Why hasn't SPY in Fidelity data made a new high on May 5, 2017?
Author: cheers32
Creation Date: 5/6/2017 1:29 AM
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I noticed today May 5, 2017 the market closes at new high from past high close on March 1, 2017. However, the price of SPY doesn't show a new high on the chart with Fidelity data provider, which is different from Finviz and other vendors. The index symbol .SPX is fine.

I used to assume that all dividend adjustment were made, but it doesn't seem so. I have tried to update Fidelity data from Data Manager.

I tried to use Wealth-Data to double check, but it seems showing data only for a limited number of symbols, not including SPY.

Do you know how to get the dividend adjusted data from Fidelity? And why Wealth-Data only has limited symbols to display?

Thank you.
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The 3/1/2017 official (settled) close was 239.78, and for 5/5/2017 it was 239.70. Yahoo!, Fidelity, and Wealth-Data agree on this (there's really no choice but to agree on a settled closing price). What do your other vendors say the close is? fwiw, the intraday (last-trade) close was 239.72, but EOD data are corrected for the "settled" price.

Do you know how to get the dividend adjusted data from Fidelity?
That feature is not available for Fidelity data, however, you can use the Yahoo! Provider for that. Note that when using dividend-adjusted data for backtesting, you should turn off the Backtesting Preference to apply dividends.

Note: It is possible (and not too hard) to write a routine that adjusts Fidelity data for dividends, but you'd have to call that routine at the beginning of every script.

And why Wealth-Data only has limited symbols to display?
Wealth-Data is a product of our company, MS123. We've focused on limited set of highly-liquid symbols that we think provide the most value for backtesting. The process to research, filter, and adjust a symbol's history to become Wealth-Data is often times very arduous, and it would require many more resources than those available to us to cover all U.S. stocks.
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I guess OP is wondering why doesn't W-D have SPY (as part of its basic subscription).
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We're only offering the stocks whose price histories have gone through all the processing required to become Wealth-Data.
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