Why Bars Held is 6 when I think it should be 5 ?
Author: mrsic
Creation Date: 1/27/2018 3:15 PM
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I know it works but i think the graphic it confusing.
TBX 4 days; bar +1
That picture shows 6 days. I think it should be 5 days. I am in a trade for fully four days + one day to get out of the trade next day on open. .

Open on 10.06.; first day
13.06.; second day
14.06.; third day
15.06.; fourth day
16.06.; next day out on "open"

I thought the first day is the signal day, but it can't be because in Trades+ is the "entry day" the "first day".
Can someone please explain me this scenario.

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Everything here is correct: it's 6 bars and not 5. When in doubt you might want to check out the User Guide. The reason is documented there:

Preferences > Performance Visualizers > Trades > Bars Held
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