Where to obtain intraday data for XIV?
Author: bachacha
Creation Date: 12/8/2016 7:33 AM
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Hello, I wanted to know how could I obtain intraday data for an ETF called XIV, and how to create a new data base, thank you!
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Welcome to the forum.

how could I obtain intraday data for an ETF called XIV,

There are several options:

1. Find a 3rd party vendor that offers intraday data for XIV with ability to export to CSV/ASCII and import that file using the built-in ASCII provider.
2. Some pro vendors may even offer database access which Wealth-Lab should handle too with help of the Database provider.
3. Our Google provider can get you a few weeks of intraday data for free.
4. And the winner is: IQFeed provider. For backtesting tasks, supported are all intraday bar scales from Tick to Minute. It's not free, there's a moderate monthly fee.

None of the extensions are available during free trial. ASCII is an exception since it comes out of the box.

how to create a new data base

See the Wealth-Lab User Guide: Data > Data Manager > Create New DataSet
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