Where's My Post?
Author: sdbens20
Creation Date: 2/16/2011 3:45 PM
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Several days ago, I posted a message reporting that an optimization on a dataset was running slower and slower as it progressed from one symbol to the next. That posting/thread has disappeared. Where is it and why does it no longer display in this forum?
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The moderator probably moved the topic to what he felt was a more appropriate forum.

Dataset Optimization Slowing
Wealth-Lab .NET » Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro | Created by sdbens20 at 2/11/2011 10:57 AM

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Right, took some time to sort discussions properly so that Extensions are not discussed under "WealthScript Translator", for instance, and application issues do not appear under "Trading Strategies".

As the category list states, this is a forum to discuss trading strategies, your or those that are pre-loaded with Wealth-Lab i.e. trading systems, their rules, trading techniques. There are other forums such as "Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro", "General" or "WealthScript(.NET)" to report issues.
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