What does >> do to a DataSeries?
Author: magicgb
Creation Date: 9/1/2015 8:00 AM
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What does >> actually do to a number? Thanks.
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Please strike F11 in Wealth-Lab to open the QuickRef tool and navigate to "DataSeries Object" to read the description.
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Just found this in he Programming Guide:

How to: Offset or Delay a DataSeries
You can offset a DataSeries to the right (delay) or to the left (advance) using the shift
operators >> and <<, respectively, followed by an integer number of bars required for the
offset. On one end of the series, values are shifted "out of the chart", whereas zeroes
are shifted into the series at the other extreme. Delaying a DataSeries is very useful in
calculations that require a look-back Period as in

Advancing (<<) a DataSeries generally implies usage of future data (peeking),
and therefore advanced offset series should not be used in Strategy trading
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