What are the limitations of the trial version?
Author: LionKing
Creation Date: 10/24/2010 5:03 AM
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Is there a page listing the limitations of the trial version? I clicked on the website here and there, but could not find one. Can somebody point out the webpage, or list the limitations if the webpage is not there.
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There are no limitations in the trial version. Nonetheless, Wealth-Lab Developer 6 is available only to non-U.S./non-Canadian residents. U.S. residents: Contact Fidelity Investments to obtain Wealth-Lab Pro 6 with a qualified brokerage account.
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I mean, using a proxy is not a good idea - purchase orders from credit cards issued by U.S. banks are rejected anyway.
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The trial doesn't have limitations, but you won't be able to download/install extensions as a non-customer.
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