WealthSignals Publisher: known issues (fixed)
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 2/20/2013 1:04 AM
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For the list of known limitations, please see: WealthSignals Publisher > Issues and limitations

We're working on making fixes to the WSP, but unfortunately, due to some backend changes updating extensions will not happen until WL 6.5 is out. So to avoid questions and confusion, here's my change log of issues already fixed:

Change: faster upload of historical backtest results with parallel tasks
Change: estimated buying power uses available funds instead of cash
Change: replaced NST dialog box with status bar message
Change: replaced a "Refresh Accounts" dialog box with status bar message
Change: Auto highlight text in Add/Edit Signal dialogs
Change: replaced Upload Complete message box with Success/Failed label
Change: added Uploading... animation

Fix: Avoid auto-publish warning on holidays
Fix: GTC label on Add Signal (extra "(")
Fix: Cash request raise an exception dialog when WebService goes down
Fix: error message on Setup > Refresh if author hasn't posted any trading systems
Fix: No localized currency as WS trades in USD
Fix: Auto-publish warning is displayed after 4pm ET
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Fix: author had to reopen Strategy window after changing password in Setup following password change on website
Fix: uploading backtest results failed if approached immediately after finishing setup
Fix: multiple error messages on failed first-time backtest upload
Fix: hid "Good After Time" column in ListView
Fix: Don't make requests to WS when no WSTS has been assigned yet
Fix: Avoid auto-publish warning on holidays
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All the issues and more have been fixed. Additionally, WSP 2013.05 includes a new feature: detecting, highlighing and fixing orphaned positions.
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WSP 2016.10

New: signals on now unsupported symbols are highlighted in gray (re: DartboardTrader)
Change: most icons redesigned for ModernUI 2D look
Fix: rebuilt following a change in WS backend
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WSP 2016.11

Fix: excessive upload of historical trades
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WSP 2017.04 update is a must-have.

Due to planned switchover to HTTPS, all previous versions will stop working soon.
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What's new in WSP 2017.06:

* New: "Flatten Alerts" feature combines size of multiple alerts into one order (see WSP Toolbar > Setup)
* New: Duplicate signal warning
* Fix: NST label not cleared on strategy's repeated execution

See the Wiki for a detailed description of the new features:

WealthSignals Publisher
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