WealthScript Function Definitions?
Author: BAJER
Creation Date: 1/3/2018 1:39 PM
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I am trying to locate the reference for the WealthLab Script Function Definitions. For example; I want to modify a horizontal line style with:
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I haven't been able to find out what variety of options that I can pass to the function. I also want to rescale the vertical increments on the same chart, but again, I don't know what options I can use in the function.

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It's called the QuickRef (F11 key). This is your source of information on every function in the WealthScript namespace. Every argument of DrawHorzLine() is described there. "paneCMO" is a variable (ChartPane), Color.Red is a standard .NET color. The only "non-standard" param here is LineStyle.Solid - the short for WealthLab.LineStyle.Solid - and can be found in the WealthLab namespace.

Just let me know if you need something else.
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I have referenced the QuickRef several times, but this time I made things more complicated than necessary.
I found what I needed this time.

I'll have both eyes open instead of just one eye when I reference the QuickRef in the future!

Thank you for your patience Eugene.
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Hint: Just start typing a few first letters of the method (e.g. DrawH...) in the "Find" box and it will appear.
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