WealthLab.Rules.Candlesticks source code?
Author: sedelstein
Creation Date: 4/9/2013 7:33 AM
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Is the underlying code for the candlestick rules class available for viewing somewhere?
If so, can you point me to the link?

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If you can't find something disclosed on this page, it's not:

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No, but if you have specific questions about the descriptions in the WealthScript Programming Guide > WealthLab.Rules Classes > Candlesticks .. just let me know.

I can say what's missing, though, are the definitions of the components on which the patterns themselves are based, like the definition of "long" in "long white day". Long in this sense means that the shadows above and below the real body are less than 30% (each) of the candle height. Percentages are entirely arbitrary and cannot be changed (candlestick patterns are largely derived from subjective evaluation, but code has to be objective).

The message I'm trying to convey in a roundabout way is that if a pattern doesn't detect what you expect (and assuming there isn't a bug), you probably need to program a new pattern for your own use.
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oh well

I was just thinking it would have been handy to have some code to modify rather than doing it from scratch.

Thanks though.
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