Author: Cone
Creation Date: 1/11/2010 10:52 AM
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An important update is available for the Strategy Wizard's Candlesticks component (WealthLab.Rules.Candlesticks.dll) that corrects detection for the following patterns: BullishDojiStar, BearishDarkCloudCover, BullishHarami, Bearish/BullishSeparatingLines, Bearish/BullishHaramiCross, BullishThreeWhiteSoldiers, BullishMorningStar, BullishPiercingLine, BearishThreeOutsideDown, BullishBeltHold. Additionally, a lighter fuchsia-colored highlighter now outlines all bars in the pattern. Install the update from Wealth-Lab.com > Extensions > Get Extensions > Addin: CandlePattern Rule Class.

Note! We've just turned this into an extension in order to offer the fixes before the next release (likely mid-2010). It replaces WealthLab.Rules.Candlesticks.dll Version in the main Wealth-Lab installation folder.
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