Wealth-lab 4 or 5?
Author: dimdim82
Creation Date: 6/12/2009 2:05 PM
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I wonder if someone could help me.
I'm thinking of using wealth-lab and don't know what version to start with.
If i get it right wl4 has WealthScript Language based on Pascal and you can learn it step by step using a guide.
Wealth-Lab 5 is based on .NET and it's supposed that you are familiar with .NET. Language guide is written like "how to"-style not step by step learning language guide.
I mean if i start with 4 to learn the structure of the language, programming, logic, functions etc. will it be useful?
or it's better to start from 5 straight?

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Version 5.

Eugene, do you have the reasons for this FAQ in the KB FAQs?
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hi I do have the same problem. Indeed I am a 4.0 user, but it looks like it would be a big effort to learn how to write scripts again with 5.0. Afterall I know nothing about computer language before and it takes me so long to learn to use 4.0. That is what put me off in upgrading to 5.0. Any comment on my situation?
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And what we've just heard is a good illustration to Robert's advice, dimdim82: although learning WL4 and programming in Object Pascal will be certainly beneficial, but there are downsides to that:

* you'll be duplicating your efforts
* your learning curve will be steeper
* learning how to do some things the old way, along the way you'll absorb what you don't need/have to do with .NET -- because the latter provides enough shortcuts, is more efficient and versatile, the code is terse.

I like to give this link as an illustration:
HowTo | Access Internet sites and collect historical data on-the-fly
It downloads raw historical data (only once), parses it, creates a virtual index, accesses it in the global memory, creates trading signals using the index, and does fancy charting -- and does all that with a bit more than 70 lines of terse C# code. Now consider how many hundreds lines of service functions, methods and COM stuff it would take in Version 4.
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Thanks Eugene!! Complete answer!
And if i want to improve programming skills it's better to learn C#, right?
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Of course. C# is a truly modern programming language created specifically for .NET
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