Wealth-Lab on Windows 10 Technical Preview & Launch Day
Author: DartboardTrader
Creation Date: 6/22/2015 11:33 PM
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Has anyone tried WealthLab on Windows 10 Technical Preview?

Will WealthLab support Windows 10 on launch day?
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Generally, WL6.8 should work in Win10 as some users have already started evaluating it. There's a minor installation issue (asks to download and install .NET2.0) expected to be fixed in v6.9.
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Known issue under Win10: when WL6.8 starts up, some MS123 data providers won't load. They display a cryptic messagbox. Affected extensions: DDE provider, Quandl provider, etc.

Workaround: execute WL6.8 with elevated privileges explicitly (as admin).

Disregard that. The "issue" was caused by insufficient file read/write rights. I made a clean install of Windows 10, not transfering any files from existing system being upgraded. Then I selectively moved some configuration and data files from Windows.old, and despite I supposedly had full rights it just didn't work out. Deleting those files and starting fresh did the trick.

Resume: just do not do what I did.
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There's a minor installation issue (asks to download and install .NET2.0) expected to be fixed in v6.9.

What should be done if this comes up? Just ignore the message?
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No, currently you have to download and install .NET 2.0.
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If you are careful about privacy, google "windows 10 spyware". You'll be amazed how many data Windows 10 collects and calls home silently: the web camera image, microphone records, installation screenshots (Insider builds), handwriting sample, everything you type (virtual keyboard included), entered phone numbers, movie titles, WiFi password, and tons more.

It's funny that despite the numerous guides like this and anti-spyware utilities released even by respectable companies like O&O Software, the attempts in circumvention of the DNS records in order to prevent connections to the unwanted servers collecting your data are mostly futile. Windows 10 is smart enough to be immune to the HOSTS file tweaks so it establishes direct connections to the hardcoded IP addresses of legitimate CDNs like Akamai. You can't really "opt out" unless you do this in your router's firewall.

P.S. Now Windows 7/8/8.1 spies too but less so than Win 10.
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i can not get wealthlab pro to work with windows 10. Upgraded and it took if off my computer. Trying to download and Norton keeps blocking as unsafe. Once around that, wlp still would not work.
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We need a clear explanation to help you. Have you disabled the antivirus? What does "can not get to work" actually mean: is there an error message, startup crash, or anything else?

Re: "Took it off", "would not work". Please read this carefully: How to Report Bugs Effectively > "It doesn't work", then follow author's suggestions and summary.
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