Wealth Lab errors on 64 bit VISTA
Author: JSB
Creation Date: 4/20/2009 12:47 PM
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Operating system: Windows Vista 64 bit
Running Wealth Lab

Am running a small Dataset of 12 or so stocks on a 5 min update.

On the update, the 'Symbols pending updates' in the Strategy Monitor does not count down to zero. It always hangs up at either 1 or 2. The strategy monitor appears to be retrying to retrieve the last 1 or 2 symbols, but it eventuall gives one of 2 errors:

1. Out of memory exception or
2. A generic error occurred in GDI+ (System.Runtime.InteropServices.External Exception: a generic error occurred in GDI+

Strategy will continue to try and run a while, then it will 'crash' into non-responding.

This same strategy runs error free on an older PC with XP SP2 ad much less memory.

Are there issues with 64 bit Vista ?

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There is a problem with the Strategy Monitor and Vista - it doesn't work, and I'm glad you said something because I don't see it on the "fix list" for 5.4.

Nonetheless, the symptoms that you described are somewhat different from the issue that was previous found - especially the errors and crash. I encourage you to create a Support Ticket for tracking purposes. tia.
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is the "fix list" available for viewing?
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It'll be in the 5.4 User Guide, like for 5.3.
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I'm going to retract that statement about Strategy Monitor not working Vista - it does. We'll work with JSB in support and report back findings here.
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