Wealth-Data Provider in Strategy Monitor: "Cannot deserialize an empty stream" error
Author: ReneW
Creation Date: 9/8/2016 10:22 AM
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when I try using a Wealth-Data dataset in Strategy Monitor ,
I am always getting an exception, similar to:
"cannot deserialize empty stream".

The reason is clearly the data provider, I tested the strategy against
different providers/datasets. Btw, the dataset contains data and outside
of the strategy monitor all works well.

What can I do ?

Regards, Rene

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I just took a quick look and to me it looks like the Wealth-Data provider may be returning a summary set of data (as it does for a Provider update in the Data Manager) that the S. Monitor isn't expecting.

We'll investigate more and get back with a solution. Thanks for the heads up!
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Hi Rene,
A fix for this issue is now available for the Wealth-Data Provider (v2016.9). Just update it from Tools > Extension Manager.

Thanks again for identifying this bug!
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Thank you! Its working now.

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Thanks for the confirmation of a successful test ;)
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