Waking up PC from within WL Pro?
Author: haytac
Creation Date: 10/23/2014 12:30 PM
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Is it possible to wake the PC up from within Wealth Lab Pro?
For example,
- WL application is open and logged in to Fidelity on Tuesday night
- The user puts the PC to sleep and goes to bed
- Wednesday 6AM PST the PC is woken up by code inside WL Pro
- At 6:31AM PST the first Bars is retrieved and WL Pro continues in stream mode through the day
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It should generally be possible. Not from within WL but using Windows Task Scheduler...


...or 3rd party apps like WakeUpOnStandy:

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You won't be able to keep the Fidelity login overnight. The cookie will expire and will require you to enter credentials again. You could automated that process, however, with something like AutoIT (no support for that here).
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