WLP 5.3 hanging when opening "Preferences"
Author: sf631
Creation Date: 4/29/2009 6:37 PM
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I've just begun to have a problem when opening the preferences menu (from any/all of the various ways to access it). The app freezes and won't respond to anything, occasionally repeated ESC keys will break the freeze, but still no prefs box.

It was working fine until recently. Anyone else seen this problem? Could there be a config file corrupted somewhere?
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It's most likely you were using multiple monitors and now you're not.

See Wealth-Lab or one of its windows is not displayed in the WL5 Wiki Knowledge Base.
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Spot on - I was using multiple monitors. I'll reconnect to the remote monitor and see if I can drag the control box back into the primary, or try the config file hack described in the link.
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