WL 5.1 User's guide
Author: bobydesi123
Creation Date: 11/2/2008 4:32 PM
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I have down loaded the WL 5.1 from fidelity and installed it in folder different than one for WL 4.5.35.
Is there a comprehensive user/programmer's guide for 5.1?
Fidelity site does not have any additional documentation other than WL 4.5.35
Will fidelity or the WL site make the documentations for WL 5.1 available soon? After so many years of using Pascal to write CS, i am bit overwhelemed with new version. I have occasionally used c# before, A few pages of explanation on wl5.1 developement environment will be a good thing. Thanks.
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The documentation is in the Help menu.

If you're looking for the pdf manual to print (I'll never understand why people print these things), click the banner above to the Fidelity site, click the "Download Active Trader Applications" link, and scroll down.

I'll never understand why people print these things
The reason is that reading can only take you so far. You need to press the buttons. If you're working with a tool and you need more info, strike F1 to automatically open the Guide to the topic that covers that tool. The print manual just isn't that fast or convenient.
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