Vendor Policies for WLD5
Author: veganath
Creation Date: 11/2/2008 7:54 PM
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With WLD4 it was possible, is it still the case for WLD5?
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Please be more specific.
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If for example I develop a trading system & wish to sell it as a s/w vendor, it would be in my & Fidelity's best interests if I can encrypt the scripts. Does this exist for WLD5, if so what would be the polices? For WLD4 this was possible, for those who are vendors of WLD4 scripts, Fidelity not making WLD4 available for sale is devastating for business!!
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Welcome to our WL5 Wiki, where you can find this answered: Comparing Wealth-Lab Developer V4 vs V6 (.NET)

In short, encrypting is possible. Strategies can be distributed in compiled form (.NET assembly), and to safely hide the source code from the tools like .NET Reflector, any obfuscator in the market can be used.
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