VMA (Volume-Weighted Moving Average) calculation
Author: thodder
Creation Date: 10/20/2011 4:40 PM
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The documentation for VMA (http://www2.wealth-lab.com/WL5Wiki/VMA.ashx) defines the parameters with a DataSeries as input. Bars have volume, but I don't believe a Dataseries has volume. How can it volume weight the calculation?? Since this indicator is in the standard library, I can not review the code.
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You're right. If it were written correctly, that indicator should take a Bars object. Consequently, the indicator works only for the current Bars in context. In other words:

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I've added a note to the documentation. Keep in mind that you could create a new indicator (like a VMA2) that takes a Bars object too.
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Thanks Cone!
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