Using Wealth-Lab with a non US Fidelity account
Author: shogeluk
Creation Date: 11/23/2012 9:41 AM
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Hi there folks I am a bit of a newbie from a programming background but basically my problem is I am based in the UK but to automate my trade orders through wealth lab but I need a Fidelity account which sadly is unobtainable in the UK. I wanted to know one of two things
a. Is it possible to use any other accounts even if through Fidelity for international users?
b. Is there any other ways of automating my orders through wealth lab to other brokerage accounts?
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a. No.

Even though Wealth-Lab Developer is positioned as a backtesting application (unlike the Pro version), under the cover it has a broker interface which can be used to develop custom addin modules called "broker providers" for the purpose of smooth integration with 3rd party brokers with API for automated order execution (like IB). Unfortunately, no such solutions seem to be available publicly at this moment -- except for a couple of them developed by our Russian partners targeting their local markets.

However, your Strategy can generate trade Alerts manually and submit them in any fashion supported by .NET, like text files, via email, calling a broker's software API method. Not a turnkey solution of course, but a possibility remains.
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a. Yes, now there is!
b. Yes.

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