Using Wealth-Lab 6 for automated trading in US markets
Author: SVK
Creation Date: 2/18/2011 4:19 AM
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Hello all. I'm a WLD 4 user since 2009, and I use it for testing and automated trading in markets in Russian Federation. For connection WLD to broker I use some programm (...), which connect WLD and Quik - brokerage terminal, very popular in Russia. This programm (...) was developed by one programmer. His website is (...), if you intrested in this.

Now, I'm looking for opportunity to use WLD for US markets, especially US futures (like E-Mini S & P), but I can't find any more Brokers (except Fidelity), who supports WL for automated trading. Fidelity is not fit to me, because it's not a member CME/CBOT and has no opportunity for Futures trading (how i could understand from their website).

Tell me anybody, who knows, is there anyone Brokers in US, where I can establish Brokerage Account and use WL (WLD 4 or WL.NET - it's still) for automated trading?

Maybe one of popular Brokerage Terminal has adapter for WL and supports automated trading?

Thank you for your answers.

P.S. sorry for my English :)
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Like already mentioned in the ticket, no broker is supported by Wealth-Lab Developer 6 for order placement.

It will take developing a broker provider that utilizes Wealth-Lab 6 Broker API either on your own or by hiring a programmer to do so. This is possible but the API is not made public by Fidelity.
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