Updating Data sets automatically
Author: jpatrickre
Creation Date: 10/25/2009 11:15 AM
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I use TC2000 do scan for lists of stocks with criteria I trade from suceh as crossover with high volume. Currnetly I am exporting to a text, then opening and coping the symbols, then pasting the symbols into the data sets in the manager. Is there a way to replace the symbols in the data sets in Wealth Lab by overwriting a text file or is there a db a SQL I can run to replace the data?
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You should be able to:

1. Define your list as a DataSet (once only). When creating the DataSet in WL5, use the "Select from TeleChart lists" option.
2. Run the scan in TC2007, but don't change the name of the list
3. Start (or restart) Wealth-Lab.

The DataSet should be updated with the current list of symbols in the TC scan. Right?
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