Unhandled exception upon logging in to Fidelity
Author: haytac
Creation Date: 5/3/2016 12:51 PM
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On one of my machines I get the error as in the attached:
"Unhandled exception has occurred in your application ....
.... access to the path ... ucc.txt is denied"
I can circumvent this by clicking "Continue"
What could be causing this message?
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You must be using WLP 6.9.15, right?

This error hadn't appeared until you upgraded from 6.9.12?

Try closing WLP, navigating to that folder with hidden file visibility enabled, deleting the ucc.txt file and logging in. Does that help?
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Yes WLP 6.9.15
Yes error appeared with upgrade
Yes your suggestion fixes it: I renamed the file ucc0.txt
3 yes in a row! Thanks!
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