Unhandled exception "Input string was not in correct format" using TASCIndicators Alpha
Author: Darrell__
Creation Date: 12/1/2017 10:37 PM
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1) Describe the problem in detail. What error are you getting, precisely?

Wealth-Lab will generate an "Unhandled Exeception" error (attached) when selecting the TASC "Alpha" indicator (screen capture is attached.)

2) Indicator Settings?

None... the unhandled exception occurs before the input dialog box opens.

3) Wealth-Lab tool in use (Chart, Strategy Window, Strategy Monitor, Strategy Ranking etc.)

New Chart Window with no strategies selected.

4) Strategy or sample code used. Again, we ask that you provide an "as-small-as-possible" script that demonstrates the anomaly.

N/A. No strategies or other code is being used.

5) Single symbol or Multi-symbol mode, Position Sizing, Bar Scale and Data Loading settings.

Single symbol mode; 5 minute scale; All Data; Position Size $100,000 (RP).

6) Symbol(s) and Data provider

"@AD-5-Min.txt"; ASCII file. Although this is an "ascii" text file and not a Fidelity Data file, I have been using this same data file to test many other indicators. Happens with other symbols too.


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Hi Darrel,

This is not an Alpha issue, and the stack trace you show is not pointing at TASCIndicators Alpha either. In fact I cannot reproduce the error and both Alphas (including the C.Indicators one) seem to be working fine for me on your data. It might have to do with your regional settings and failure to parse numbers. Financial software is perceptible to such small changes that users apply on their computers. See post #7 for example of successful troubleshooting:

System.FormatException with static data

P.S. Next time you see that unhandled exception box, please copy and paste the Exception Text snippet containing stack trace right in your message. tia.
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Reset the Regional and Language Options per your reference, but still getting the "unhandled exception" error box. Attached are the Exception text snippets.

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Although the file with outdated OHLC you've attached here may not be equal to the one you're actually using, I rather think it's the saved indicator settings that may still be broken. Everything works fine here so my suggestion is try to reset them:

1. Exit WLP.
2. Enable hidden file visibility if required: How to show hidden files in Windows.
3. Find your User \Data folder: C:\Users\Windows User Name\AppData\Roaming\Fidelity Investments\WealthLabPro\\Data\
4. Delete WealthLabConfig.txt to start anew with indicator settings (and all WLP preferences). As a suboptimal alternative, open it in Notepad and simply delete all strings you can find related to Alpha and save the file.
5. Start WLP.

Attached are the Exception text snippets.


"Copy and paste" means click in the Details, select all text with Ctrl-A, then copy with Ctrl-Ins or Ctrl-C and finally paste here by Shift-Ins or Ctrl-V. Most of the time only "Exception Text" matters; "Loaded assemblies" can be ignored.

Right now this is not required as the error source is clear.
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Your instructions in post #4 worked great... i.e., I opened "WealthLabConfig.txt" in Notepad and deleted all the references to "Alpha" and resaved the file. It is good to know what's in that file in the event I have any similar input/configuration "errors."

FYI... this is what I deleted;


After closing WL again, the new configuration entries are:


It appears WL was trying to load the Community Alpha parameters for the TASC Alpha indicator. So if you open the WL.C indicator first, will the same problem occur if I later try to open the TASC Alpha indicator?

Thanks again for your great support!
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Glad you have sorted it out.

I can reproduce the issue following WL6 restart after both sets of Alpha related lines been saved to the config file. As you correctly point out, the culprit is sharing the indicator name Alpha for two unrelated indicators. This was my oversight when adding Alpha to C.Indicators not checking for the other Alpha's identifier.

Workaround: do not use both Alpha indicator in drag and drop mode. It's the DrawInd.Alpha.Param... thing recorded by the Indicator Settings dialog that breaks the counterpart.

To fix it we'd have to rename one of the classes which would be a breaking change to the code of anyone who might be using them. I think the bug's severity does not justify such breaking change now.

Thanks for the heads-up on the problem.
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