Unhandled exception on first clipboard copy within WLP
Author: algtrader
Creation Date: 1/16/2018 11:37 PM
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I'm using WLPro v6.9.17 64bit build 7. The problem is repeatable as follows:

1. Start WLP
2. Login
3. Select from Menu: New->NewStrategyFromCode
A window is then created with skeleton WLP code.

4. Highlight any region of the code.
Mouse over any part of the selected region
do Mouse:RightClick->Copy

5. An unhandled exception window regarding the failed clipboard copy comes up.

For now, I simply press the Continue button, and the problem doesn't happen again.
It's just a bit annoying when in the middle of doing something, I get this when
I do my first clipboard copy of any text in WLP.

Any suggestions on how to make this not happen?



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Hi Al,

Having encountered an error message or an issue, please always check out these page before reporting it:

1. Known Errors
2. Open Issues

In particular, this error is resolved by following this procedure:

Open Issues > (8125) Exception: Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed

P.S. Needless to say the error is not reproducible because it's machine specific. To be more precise, it's specific to your software configuration as you'll learn from the Wiki page referred.
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As usual, you are right. Although I did look in the Wiki, I didn't look hard enough.

Basically the problem is that other processes may be using the clipboard, and so WLP is unable to write data to it (hence the exception).
Open issue(8125) recommends not running other programs that may be accessing the clipboard while WLP is running.

Unfortunately, I can't do that, for 2 reasons:
1. I make heavy use of Xcygwin and emacs, both of which, use the clipboard.
2. Also, I debug my strategies by starting WLP directly from Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition (which BTW is great -- and FREE!!!).

Luckily, no real damage is done when this exception is encountered, I just press the Continue button, and re-try the copy.
I'm just glad that somewhere along the line, the exception is being handled. It could have been worse (eg. WLP exits).

A work-around that I find that guarantees not encountering the clipboard exception is that once WLP is launched by VS, the first thing I do is bring the VS window to the foreground, then bring the WLP window to foreground.

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Al, my only experience with emacs was in a Linux console a couple decades ago. I probably freaked out not knowing how to close emacs. :)

I also use VS Community and frequently start WL from VS. I keep Notepad++ open while running WL (and sometimes run RDP sessions to other PCs as mentioned in the Wiki). It's really a powerful tool which can run comparisons and SQL lookups on ASCII, perform various conversions, export highlighted WealthScript code for magazines, and do a lot of other useful things. Maybe emacs is superior to Notepad++ but I haven't experienced this copy/paste bug #8125 at least for many years.

Glad that you found a workaround on your own.
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