Turning on Auto Trading
Author: optionski
Creation Date: 12/17/2015 8:49 AM
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I am ready to begin auto trading, but when I go to the Orders window, and then change Orders Account: to 'All Live Accounts' (or even if I change it to the specific account I am interested in), then the Auto Trading: box only has two options .... Off or Paper Accounts. The User Guide says I should see Off / Paper Accounts / Live Accounts.

thanks for any help

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Are you logged in to Fidelity and have you double-checked that they assigned you auto-trading entitlement?
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Well I did A... but not B. I simply call them and they assign me the entitlement?

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Call, yes. Ask if you qualify (or what is required) for an auto trading entitlement with Wealth-Lab Pro.
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FYI, Fidelity informed me that I needed to have 500 trades a year to be entitled for Autotrading.
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