Trick to request scheduled data updates more than once a day?
Author: hlh
Creation Date: 10/11/2012 8:03 AM
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Is there a trick to request data updates more than once via the built in scheduler? As different data gets updated at different times it would be nice to run several "Scheduled Automated Daily Updates" automatically at certain, to be specified, times (great when Wealth-Lab remains open all the time).

It is easier to have (extensive) strategies executed quicker in Strategy Monitor at an exact time when data has been updated before than to allow "Update Data on Demand". One strategy over SP500, for example, takes less than 30 sec over updated data but takes 14 minutes (almost 30 times longer) when doing update data on demand on-the-fly.

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Hi Harry,

I think that a hack is easily possible through a scripting solution:

Please log in to see this code.

P.S. More of the same kind: FAQ > "Is it possible to make actions on DataSets programmatically"
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Excellent stuff, Eugene!

Works flawlessly and allows to pick exactly those DataSets which make sense at a certain time(e.g. when lunched via Strategy Monitor).

Thank you!
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You're welcome.