Transfering Wealth-Lab data to Windows 8 PC
Author: ell7123
Creation Date: 2/4/2013 3:56 PM
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I bought a new "second" computer. It has Windows 8. I transferred (almost) all Wealth Lab data from my other computer, running Windows 7, 64 bit. The data seems to have transferred, but I get error messages whenever I actually try to use it/run a backtest or strategy. I downloaded 32 bit WealthLab, and it seems to work without errors, except that the dataset history is missing and needs to be refreshed from scratch when I first use a dataset. Is there a problem with Windows 8? I do try to keep the two computers in sync on WealthLab - so will continuing to run 64 bit on one and 32 bit on the other cause problems?
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except that the dataset history is missing

Then you might not have transfered the data properly. Wealth-Lab "bitness" does not matter after you restored the proper data files into the proper place, and the data provider is in place (if it was a downloadable extension). See the User Guide > Data > Where data are stored? for the correct location.

Is there a problem with Windows 8?

No, the real problem is that you mentioned error messages but forgot to include their complete text.

They are key to understand what went wrong during your data transfer. Other hints may come from knowing... well, almost everything since your post is missing many details:

a) which "almost" data folders, precisely, have you transfered
b) which data providers are you using
c) have you reinstalled all extensions required by the strategies,
d) are their versions different from your W7 PC, and
e) where do you get those errors (the tool).
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