Tom Demark indicators
Author: Eugene
Creation Date: 9/1/2010 1:56 PM
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To anybody interested in Tom Demark's indicator code for the Wealth-Lab platform.

All ChartScripts/Strategies and indicators containing references to Tom Demark or his methods were unpublished due to challenges from Tom Demark and/or his legal representation in late 2009.
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This doesn't mean you can't code them yourself. But make sure to send Tom a big check every time you mention one of his indicators or you use the initials "TD" with anything (for example do not abbreviate your to-do list as TD List or Tom may sue you)
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I am so sorry to this post.
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Is the coding still out there? modify the naming and use it
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Sorry, we don't have the code. AFAIR, the techniques were simple enough for motivated users to recreate on their own if they're interested in it.
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