Author: TraderMac
Creation Date: 2/21/2009 8:07 PM
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Does Wealth-Lab have the ARMS (TRIN) indicator?
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Yes. As long as you have all the necessary data series from your data vendor, it's a one-liner function:

TRIN = [(Advancing issues/declining issues) / (advancing volume/declining volume)]

As you see, the key is to have that data.
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Wealth-Lab Pro has the data in the Market Sentiment folder. For a key to the symbols see the WealthScript Programming Guide: Fundamental Analysis > Market Sentiment Data.

Note: Arms Index (.STI.* symbols) == TRIN
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In WLP5.3, why does .STI.* and all other Market Sentiment data show a single daily bar for a 1-minute data set?

Is this a Fidelity data source limitation? If so, how do we correct this? This severely limits ones ability to use market sentiment intraday.

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As far I remember it has been discussed a couple of times, and unfortunately the answer was yes - daily market sentiment is a Fidelity data limitation.
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