Taipan with WL5 or WL4 conflict
Author: techtrader007
Creation Date: 2/18/2011 7:09 AM
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I am using WL4 and WL5. I would like to use both with Taipan Metastock export function , but the dll has a problem.
For WL 4 you need the Metastock Export version 4.6.011 and for WL 5 you need Metastock Export
version 5. So if I unregister Export version5 then WL 5 is not running anymore. I have to register
WL 5 again then it is working, but then in WL4 you can´t open any charts with Metastock format, because you need version 4.6.011
Again unregister WL5 and with regedit load the dll again with the WL 5 verson. WL5 is running again.
Is there any possiblity to read both with one register dll, because this take time and time again.
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As repeatedly explained in ticket 20249 last year, then on the forum: ML downloader, this phenomenon is called the infamous "DLL-Hell" problem and the solution is to stick with WL6.
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In future versions if you use Isolated COM you might be able to resolve some of these issues.

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Thanks for the pointer Dave (I don't work with COM though.)

Here's one good blog post on Isolated COM which mentions manifest files. I wonder if it's possible by modifying the contents of the .manifest file to actually direct an assembly to use a particular version of a COM DLL?
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