TTM Squeeze Indicator?
Author: murph815
Creation Date: 10/13/2009 1:46 PM
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Has anyone created a TTM Squeeze Indicator??? Or have I just missed it... Thanks
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This one?

Wealth-Lab Wiki > Community.Indicators > Squeeze

Available for download from this site > Extensions section.
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That's it. Thanks Eugene
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Would like to own/Buy TTM Indicator in Wealth- Lab Language
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As mentioned in post# 2, the TTM Squeeze indicator is part of the Community.Indicators library (*.DLL), which is available free for download if you have a licensed copy of Wealth Lab. Go to the Tools menu of Wealth Lab and open Extension Manager. Once in Extension Manager, select "Indicators" and "Show: Other Extensions", then download the Community.Indicators library. You'll need to do this in the Windows administrator account to get write access to the Windows Program Files directory where WL installs it.
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