TASC Magazine Indicators error updating
Author: giorgos
Creation Date: 12/9/2013 6:29 PM
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I get the following error trying to update the TASC Magazine Indicators. I have updated to Wealth Lab to version 6.6 Updated just fine in the past

TASC Magazine Indicators
Install File: TASCIndicators.dll
Failed: Access to the path 'C:\PROGRAM FILES\FIDELITY INVESTMENTS\WEALTH-LAB PRO 6\TASCIndicators.dll' is denied.

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Hello Giorgos

I had the same error. The only thing that worked (after trying altering permissions to folders, files, etc...) was to make a copy of the file. Delete it from that directory, and try again

Hope it works for you as well

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Updating in Developer 6.6 works. Seems like only WLP users are affected. We're looking into the problem. We believe that the TASCIndicators.dll file somehow gets marked as read-only, causing the inability to update it. With Wealth-Lab closed, you can either uncheck Read-Only attribute in the Explorer's File Properties dialog, or delete it before updating.
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zozzy asked in a deleted duplicate thread:


I tried to download and install the Extension: TASC Magazine Indicators several times and each time I get the flowing error message: FAILED Access to the path C:\PROGRAM FILES\FIDELITY INVESTMENTS\WEALTH-LAB PRP6\TASCIndicators.dll...

How do make it work?

Thanks for your help.

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Bob, please search the forum before posting. Search-as-you-type feature makes this incredibly easy. As you can see, the forum already contains the solution in this very thread (could be found by "tasc" keyword) or another thread (found by typing in "access"):

Extension update error: Access to path is denied

Also, don't forget to carefully read through our Knowledge Base:

Open Issues > "Failed: Access to the path is denied" error
Errors installing/updating Extensions > Access to the path is denied.

Thank you for considering it next time.
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