Suggestion for page navigation in Community Categories
Author: sourkraut
Creation Date: 1/26/2011 8:40 AM
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When paging forward in a category, then reading a thread, there is no clear-cut return to the page, where the thread was located.
In my example, page 9.

The instinctive method is the browser back button/arrow.

When I use this BACK button, it returns me to page 1 of the category!

See illustration:

I would expect to be returned to the same page, where I opened the thread from.
If not that, I would expect a button, the unambiguously links bak to that page.

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More suggstions for navigating and searching community categories:

When searching for posts on desired topics, it would be nice if the search were restricted to the current category.
It would also be nice - given that the search is NOT restricted to the category, that any returns would be sorted by category, or at least were labelled by category.

Finally, another problem with navigating a return page:
I searched for "parameter", got "90 results found".
Looked at a few on the first page, tried to advance to the next page (of 6),
got an error: "No Search Expression"
I backed up to the previous page, got the first page, content wise,
but the window at the bottom said page 2 of 6.

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