Submitting order for PCLN makes WL stuck
Author: sedelstein
Creation Date: 10/13/2016 2:23 PM
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Whenever I have an order for PCLN, W/L hangs and goes into the windows 10 "spinning circle" icon when the order is placed. Does it have something to do with the high dollar price of PCLN?

So for example, if I have 6 orders and PCLN is included, my PC hangs but won't do it when that particular order is removed.

I did not see anything in a search of the forums.

Thanks for the help
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Which make and version of Wealth-Lab? Is the spinning circle the only indication of the "hang".

If you're using Fidelity Wealth-Lab Pro and 6.9.15/16, then the spinning circle is probably not a hangup. It's an error in the latest builds that doesn't properly reset the pointer icon after being logged in a couple hours (or so). You can still use WLP normally, but if the circle is too uncomfortable to use, you have to restart (or possibly just re-log in).
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No Fidelity stops processing the order. Sometimes is says submitted but doesnt go through.
If it make a difference, it was a limit order.

Later on, I re-ran W/L, Monitored the alerts, and then triggered the orders manually (e.g. went to the market) because I happen to be watching.
Would have preferred to put the limit orders in though at the beginning of the day
Using 64bit

and just as before. It's just when PCLN is in the list of orders
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Could someone else test this before the market open to Buy PCLN at a limit of 200 points below the previous close.
I logged into Fidelity via W/L

I ran the code below on PCLN

This script works when I submit it and executed in the Paper Trading Account 1
When I edited the order for my actual trading account, I get the spinning wheel. Status changed to "Submitted"
I logged into Fidelity via a web browser and there are no orders there.

Please log in to see this code.
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Status changed to "Submitted"

Steve, downgrading to 6.9.12 might be the workaround for you if this issue is what I'm thinking: Fidelity WLP Orders don't get placed properly (Stuck Submitted)
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Well, it's only for PCLN and I can work around that. I'd rather have current versions of software and I only trade this stock every now and then.
It would be great if Fidelity committed resources to improving W/L but it seems like they give it the bare minimum of support.

I appreciate your help and suggestions

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