Strategy runs but produces zero trades
Author: CemCalim
Creation Date: 3/30/2017 8:04 AM
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my Strategy does not run. Can you help me.

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Please read this carefully: How to Report Bugs Effectively > "It doesn't work", then follow author's suggestions and summary.

Having finished this insightful reading, please provide information necessary for troubleshooting using this convenient bullet point list:

* Describe the problem in detail. What means "does not run"? It's not clear to those who'll be reading your post. To clarify explanations, send a screen shot by striking the "Print Screen" key and then pasting into Paint or other imaging application. Save as PNG and attach.
* Strategy or sample code used. Again, we ask that you provide an "as-small-as-possible" script that demonstrates the anomaly. If you're using a un-modified public Strategy, the name is sufficient.
* Wealth-Lab tool in use (Strategy Monitor, Strategy Window, both)
* Single symbol or Multi-symbol mode, Position Sizing, and Data Loading settings
* Symbol(s) and Data provider
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ok Sorry Eugene.

When I compile the strategy, then it is OK. Look Image Compile.

If i want Backtest the Strategie, der Performance
does not indicate. Look Image Backtest
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When I compile the strategy, then it is OK. Look Image Compile
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Thanks, that's something to work with. So I'm renaming the misleading thread title "Strategy does not run" to a more descriptive "Strategy runs but produces zero trades". A good question contains half the answer.

This is a Strategy logic error. Your conditions are mutually exclusive i.e. a TurnDown simply cannot happen in conjunction with CumUp.Value(bar, Close, 1). A Close either rises or it falls but not together at the same time. Next time in similar circumstances simply disable conditions one by one until you find the problematic one.

P.S. I'd also replace all references to "LastActivePosition" with simply "p" but that's not the problem here.
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