Slideshow of the charts for a DataSet
Author: MrHari
Creation Date: 8/18/2017 8:29 PM
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Is there a slideshow view or some script so that I can do a slideshow view of the charts for a dataset. Bascially, I want to go over the daily chart for all the symbols in a dataset and I do not want to click on the individual symbol. It will also be great if there is an option to control the delay between the charts.
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There isn't. Maybe a 3rd party scripting utility like AutoIT could be used to handle the automation. Never tried.
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I use a simple workaround...

1. Expand the DataSet
2. Position the separator between the DataSets pane and the Strategy Parameters pane so that the text of the bottommost DataSet symbol is almost clipped by the separator
3. As you click that bottommost symbol, the chart displays... and... the listbox scrolls up.

You only have to keep clicking, not positioning the mouse, to iterate downward through the DataSet symbols. Small benefit? You control the amount of time spent on each symbol.

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Thanks Eugene and LenMoz!

The other way is that once you have clicked on a symbol, you can use down arrow to show chart for the next symbol. It is doable, but not like a automatic slideshow.
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