Set up custom chart template with different indicators
Author: gchudublin
Creation Date: 11/29/2016 10:18 AM
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Hi, I am looking for set up a chart as specified below using code or setup as a template, please let me know step by step is easy to setup. I think support and resistance lines are base by how many I pick. Thanks much. Greg

1) I use a 5 min chart.
2) Use the indicator Stochastics 15,3 and 3 for timing entries and exits.
3) I use 10 day moving average 10MA, 21MA and 50MA, also use the 100MA and 200MA. Each of these are relevant when confirming prices trends for resistance/support on 15min, 30min and 60min and daily charts which glance at. 10 is dotted green, 21 is dotted white, 50 is dotted red, 100 is dashed light blue and 200 is solid light blue.
4) Bolinger Bands 20,2 with mid channel line in slightly darker blue and Parabolic SAR .02, .20 (Again pick any color.)
5) Need Volume and OBV as well as Balance of Power and Money Stream
6) Chart should be % scaling
7) When enter a trade, use the horizontal price line with the price and color it green.
8) use horizontal price lines for price resistance and support in red.
9) use horizontal price line for stop loss price line in yellow.
10) use horizontal price line for target price line in orange.
I included a pic of US Steel (X) I day traded to
Looking at #1 you will see that I drew 2 red small horizontal lines that delineate the upper body (not wick) and lower body (not wick) of high and low corresponding candlesticks between 9:30 and 9:50a.
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Wealth-Lab has extensive charting capabilities but its power is unleashed in backtesting. Let's see what is available to you:

1-4) All these indicators are built-in
5) Volume, OBV are prepackaged, no idea what Money Stream and Balance of Power are
6) What is this? Supported are linear and semi-log scales.
7, 9 and 11) Sure, you can use DrawLine()
8) Support and resistance can be defined in different ways. Check out this nice script that plots them automatically: Support and Resistance Zones
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