Select Net Profit Adjusted
Author: innertrader
Creation Date: 3/7/2017 1:27 AM
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How does Select Net Profit Adjusted differ from Select Net Profit? I can't find a reference. Can you send me to an explanation? Thanks.
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Thank you, Len. I had read this thread before but didn't pick up the subtlety and make the connection to what I was looking for. If I understand, both Select Net Profit and Select Net Profit Adjusted remove the dollar value of individual trades that have profits >3 SD from the average. The "average" for the the first is average dollars and for the second (adjusted) it is average percentage.

I gather from the thread that you believe SNP Adjusted (%) is a more representative measure of of outlier trades, particularly for decades-long simulations. I agree with your logic and thank you for championing this improvement and Eugene for implementing.

The only cosmetic change I would consider is in labeling. For clarity, I would suggest changing ", adjusted" to ", by %" to more clearly indicate the difference between the two reports.

Now I understand what you were saying and why. There were no search results for exact phrase "Select Net Profit Adjusted". Until there is some documentation you might want to edit your post suggestion to include the full name Select Net Profit Adjusted (as opposed to the more efficient shorthand you used), so a site search would find your post thread. (Actually, I just realized I have already done that with this reply.)

Here's an idea for renaming both of them that builds on your suggestion .

Select Net Profit ==> Select Net Profit by $
Select Net Profit Adjusted ==> Select Net Profit by %
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