Seeking 20 Year Data on my Fidelity Watchlist of 45 Symbols
Author: FarStar
Creation Date: 6/14/2017 8:53 PM
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Hi all. My name is Greg, and as a Fidelity Wealth-Lab Pro user, I'm flustered in trying to determine how to find data that shows daily open, close, etc... info through a downloadable Excel format, like csv, for the past 20 years. I cannot figure it out for the life of me. Thank you for any help.
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Hi Greg,

Welcome aboard. Why do you think you need the data in Excel/CSV format? Although you won't find such feature in WLP (as it's not needed), it's easy to do in Strategy code. But what's the purpose? Maybe Wealth-Lab Pro could do what you're trying to make the external app do.
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Hi Eugene. Perhaps I misunderstand the functionality of Wealth-Lab Pro, but I signed up in order to gather 20 years worth of data on a variety of symbols, and review that data in a spreadsheet format, such as csv.

An example would be
June 14, 1998 Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
June 15, 1998 Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
June 16, 1998 Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
June 17, 1998 Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
June 18, 1998 Open, High, Low, Close, Volume
etc... up until today's date.

I figured it out. Thanks anyway. :)
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The functionality of Wealth-Lab Pro is to backtest your system using powerful C# language, analyze the backtest results extensively using various built-in and additional performance visualizers, paper trade it and then move on to live trading in your Fidelity account. Everything without leaving WLP because we've got lots of addins (extensions) to double your analysis power and .NET to extend it on demand.

Like I suggested, there may be no need in "reviewing" the data since our Data Tool is able to detect many data errors automatically if you're after this. Reviewing the data in a spreadsheet format is pretty unusual unless your real intention is to use the data in a 3rd party app that is missing Fidelity's data.
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Anyway, if you really just want to play with numbers in a spreadsheet, you can export data using a small script and executing it on a symbol or DataSet. For the script, see this wiki page:

If you're not familiar with entering new code, compiling, and running it, see the User Guide > Introduction > How to Run Example Code
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Thank you both.
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