Sector-industry classification of stock symbols
Author: caligula
Creation Date: 11/4/2008 6:01 AM
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Prabobly this question was already asked in this forum. Could somebody tell me where can I find a listing of US stock (Nasdaq,Nyse,Amex) symbols classified as sectors and industries that I could us in WL with the free YAHOO datasource ? I am looking for a sector-industry listing that you can find on but with the YAHOO symbols, because the problem is that YAHOO and GOOGLE symbols ar not always the same and I want to use Google sector-industry listing but with YAHOO datasource. I would like to learn, how this problem have been solved by WL experts. I am interested in services on homepages that are not free, too. I also know some services but they are not with Google classification, they have their own classification.
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In Wealth-Lab 5, you could simply use Yahoo's Classification Groups.
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