Screener for price > 20 week high, price > 1$ and Volume > 450K
Author: hp101
Creation Date: 1/6/2018 5:05 PM
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as I`m totally new here I would like to ask if someone would help me with the screener?

I'm looking for stocks with the following criteria:

- price > 20 week high
- price > 1 USD
- daily volume > 450.000

My plan is to run the screener on the weekend and buy the stocks on monday.

Many thanks!
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Most of the building blocks could be found by simply searching the forum. Check this out:

* A general how-to: How to create a screener?

* Price exceeds (or is within a range) an X day/week high:

Screener for reaching 52 week high
Creating a Screener for stock X% below 20/50-day High

Both this condition and the rest can be achieved in Rules which you could then convert to code and turn into a screener (see how-to above) as described in the WealthScript Programming Guide. Here's your screener

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