Saudi Arabian data?
Author: a-1g
Creation Date: 4/26/2011 9:55 AM
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I am from Saudi Arabia
I bought a copy of the Alewyllt Lab and could not be linked direct data transfer program

Due to lack of Istok and Jdodkhia dead as the previous version


I hope to help
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Hi Rahim,

Please correct me if I'm wrong: you couldn't find a source of Saudi Arabia data for use with WL6, or you have trouble linking an existing data source?

What are the "Istok and Jdodkhia"?
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(Your edit suggests it's #2 so...)
Data adapters from previous versions (i.e. WL3/4) can't be used with Wealth-Lab 6.
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Thank you
I found the problem in my load for the program 64
The solution is to download a copy and 32-bit data that support the meta Istok
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