Sample codes for indicators
Author: joannakim
Creation Date: 10/21/2010 5:34 PM
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I think I recall seeing a collection of sample/example code for many indicators. could you please where they are so that I can copy and paste? Thanks.
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Here's where the open source code for our indicator libraries can be downloaded - from the Wealth-Lab Wiki:

Home - Community Indicators
Home - TASCIndicators

However, it's not a matter of simply copying and pasting since these all are "formal" indicators (prepared for compiling into a binary form).
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I went to the top link, and I don't seem to see "attachments" on top of the page. The page said that I should report this at Support: here. Thanks.
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You need to login first at the left hand menu.
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The page said that I should report this at Support: here

No, joannakim.

As unambiguously and clearly as possible, the page instructs that you need to enter a support ticket and even provides a clickable link that creates a ticket instantly. Just try clicking that link that says "".
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